Cancer Occupation

Cancer generally has no trouble at all establishing himself in the business world. He has all those qualities that make one a success professionally. He is careful with his equipment as well as his money. He is patient and he knows how to persevere. Any job where he has a chance to use his mind instead of his body is usually a job in which he has no trouble succeeding. He can work well with people—especially people situated in dire straits. Welfare work is the kind of occupation in which he usually excels. He can really be quite a driving person if his job calls for it. Cancer is surprisingly resourceful. In spite of his retiring disposition, he is capable of accomplishing some very difficult tasks.
Cancer can put on an aggressive front, and in some cases it can carry him far. Quite often he is able to develop leadership qualities and make good use of them. He knows how to direct his energy so that he never becomes immediately exhausted. He’ll work away at a difficult chore gradually, seldom approaching anything head-on. By working at something obliquely he often finds advantages along the way that are not apparent to others. In spite of his cautious approach, Cancer is often taxed by work that is too demanding of his energy. He may put up a good front of being strong and courageous while actually he is at the end of his emotional rope. Risks sometimes frighten the Crab. It is often fear that exhausts him. The possible dangers in the world of business set him to worrying.
Cancer does not boast about what he is going to do. He or she just quietly goes ahead and does it. Quite often he accomplishes more than others in this quiet way.
The person born under this sign enjoys helping others. By nature, he is quite a sympathetic individual. He does not like to see others suffer or do without. He is willing to make sacrifices for someone he trusts and cares for. Cancer’s maternal streak works wonders with children. People born under the fourth sign of the Zodiac often make excellent teachers. They understand young people well and do what they can to help them grow up properly.
Cancers also are fairly intuitive. In business or financial matters, they often make an important strike by playing a strong hunch. In some cases they are able to rely almost entirely on their feelings rather than on reason.
Water attracts the Cancer person. Often they have connections with the oceans through their professions. Cancer homemakers experimenting in the kitchen often are very successful creating new drinks and blending liquid recipes. Overseas trade and commerce also appeal.
The average Cancer has many choices as far as a career is concerned. There are many things that he can do well once he puts his mind to it. In the arts he is quite likely to do well. The Cancer man or woman has a way with beauty, harmony, and creativity. Basically, he is a very capable person in many things; it depends on which of his talents he wants to develop to a professional point. He has a rich imagination and sometimes can make use of it in the area of painting, music, or sculpture.
When working for someone else, Cancer can always be depended upon. He makes a loyal and conscientious employee.
It is important for Cancer to select a job that is well suited to his talents and temperament. Although he may feel that earning money is important, Cancer eventually comes to the point where he realizes that it is even more important to enjoy the work he is doing. He should have a position that allows him to explore the recesses of his personality and to develop. When placed in the wrong job, the Cancer man or woman might wish they were somewhere else.
Cancers know the value of money. They are not the sort of people who go throwing money around recklessly. Cancer is honest and expects others to be the same. He is quite modest in most things and deplores unnecessary display. Cancers have a genius for making money and for investing or saving it.
Security is important to the person born under this sign. He’ll always see to it that he has something put away for that inevitable rainy day. He is also a hard worker and is willing to put in long hours for the money it brings him. Financial success is usually the result of his own perseverance and industry. Through his own need for security, it is often easy for Cancer to sympathize with those of like dispositions. He is a helpful person. If he sees someone trying to do his best to get ahead—and still not succeeding—he is quite apt to put aside his own interests temporarily to help another.
Sometimes Cancer worries about money even when he has it. Even the wealthy Cancer can never be too secure. It would be better for him to learn how to relax and not to let his worries undermine his health. Financial matters often cause him considerable concern—even when it is not necessary.