Cancer Love and Marriage

The Cancer man or woman has to have love in their life, otherwise their existence is a dull and humdrum affair. When they love someone, Cancer will do everything in their pov^r to make a lover happy. They are not afraid to sacrifice in order to make an important relationship work. To his loved one he is likely to seem uncertain and
moody. Cancer is usually very influenced by the impression he has of his lover. They may even be content to let their romance partner have his or her own way in the relationship. He may not make many demands but be willing to follow those of his loved one. At times he may feel that he is not really loved, and draw away somewhat from the relationship. Sometimes it takes a lot of coaxing before he can be won over to the fact that he is indeed loved for himself alone.
Cancer is often possessive about people as well as material objects. This often makes the relationship difficult to accept for his partner.
His standards are sometimes impossibly high and because of this he is difficult to please. The Cancer man or woman is interested in finding someone with whom he can spend the rest of his life. He or she is not interested in any fly-by-night romance.