Cancer Home and Family

Cancers are usually great home lovers. They are very domestic by nature; home for them spells security. Cancer is a family person. He respects those who are related to him. He feels a great responsibility toward all the members of his family. There is usually a very strong tie between Cancer and his mother that lasts through his whole life. Something a Cancer will not tolerate is for someone to speak ill of a member of his family. This for him is a painful and deep insult. He has a great respect for his family and family traditions. Quite often Cancer is well-acquainted with his family tree. If he happens to have a relative who has been quite successful in life, he is proud of the fact. Once he is home for the weekend, he generally stays there.
Cancer is sentimental about old things and habits. He is apt to have many things stored away from years ago. Something that was dear to his parents will probably be dear to him as well.
Many Cancers travel near and far from time to time. But no matter what their destination, they are always glad to be back where they feel they belong.
The home of a Cancer is usually quite comfortable and tastefully furnished. Cancer men and women are romantic, which is usually reflected in the way their house is arranged.
The Cancer child is always attached to his home and family. He may not care to go out and play with other children very much but enjoys it when his friends come to his house.
The maternal nature of the Cancer person comes out when he gives a party. He is a very attentive host and worries over a guest like a mother hen—anxious to see that they are comfortable and lack nothing. He does his best to make others happy and at home, and he is admired and loved for that. People who visit are usually deeply impressed by their outgoing ways. The Cancer host prepares unusual and delicious snacks for visitors. Cancer is very concerned about them and sees to it that they are well-fed while visiting.
Homebodies that they are, Cancers generally do what they can to make their home a comfortable and interesting place for themselves as well as for others. They feel very flattered when a visitor pays them a compliment on their home.
Children play a very important part in the lives of people bom under this sign. Cancers fuss over their youngsters and give them the things they feel that they need. They generally like to have large families. They see to it that their children are well provided for and that they have the chances in life that their parents never had. The best mother of the Zodiac is usually someone born under the sign of Cancer. They have a strong protective nature. They usually have a strong sense of duty, and when their children are in difficulty they do everything they can to set matters right. Children, needless to say, are fond of their Cancer parent, and respond lovingly to make the parent-child relationship a harmonious one.