Cancer Health

For the person born under the sign of Cancer, the stomach is the weak point. Chances are that Cancer is easily susceptible to infection. Sometimes his health is affected by nervousness. He can be quite a worrier. Even little things eat at him from time to time, which is apt to lower his resistance to infectious illnesses. He is often upset by small matters.
A Cancer as a child is sometimes sickly and weak. His physique during this period of growth can be described in most cases as fragile. Some develop into physically strong adults, others may have the remnants of childhood ailments with them for a good part of their adult lives. They are frightened of being sick. Illness is a word they would rather not mention. Pain is also a thing they fear.
They are given to quick-changing moods at times, which often has an effect on their overall health. Worry or depression can have a subliminal effect on their general health. Usually their illnesses are not as serious as they imagine them to be. They sometimes find it easy to feel sorry for themselves.
On the whole, the Cancer man or woman is a quiet person. He is not one to brag or push his weight around. However, let it not be thought that he lacks the force that others have. He can be quite purposeful and energetic when the situation calls for it. However, when it comes to tooting their own horn, they can be somewhat shy and reticent. They may lack the get-up-and-go that others have when it comes to pushing their personal interests ahead.
Some Cancers are quite aware of the fact that they are not what one would call sturdy in physique or temperament. Some may go through life rather painfully trying to cover up the weak side of their nature.
Sons and daughters of the Moon may not be very vigorous or active. As a rule, they are not too fond of physical exercise, and they have a weakness for rich and heavy foods. As a result, in later life they could end up overweight. Some Cancers have trouble with their kidneys and intestines. Others digest their food poorly. The wise Cancer man or woman, however, adheres to a strict and well-balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Moreover, they see to it that they properly exercise daily. The Cancer man or woman who learns to cut down on rich foods and worry often lives to a ripe old age.