Cancer Character Analysis

Cancer is generally rather sensitive. He or she is quite often a generous person by nature, and is willing to help almost anyone in need. He is emotional and often feels sorry for people less fortunate than he. He could never refuse to answer someone’s call for help. It is because of his sympathetic nature that others take advantage of him now and again.
In spite of his willingness to help others, the Cancer man or woman may seem difficult to approach by anyone not well acquainted with their character. On the whole, he seems subdued and reserved. Others may feel there is a wall between them and Cancer, although this may not be the case at all. The person born under this sign, which is ruled by the Moon, is careful not to let others hurt him. He has learned through hard experience that protection of some sort is necessary in order to get along in life. The person who wins his confidence and is able to get beyond this barrier will find the Moon Child a warm and loving person.
With his family and close friends, he is a very faithful and dependable person. In his quiet way, he can be affectionate and loving. He is generally not one given to demonstrative behavior. He can be fond of someone without telling them so a dozen times a day. With people he is close to, Cancer is more open about his own need for affection, and he enjoys being pampered by his loved ones. He likes to feel wanted and protected.
When he has made up his mind about something, he sticks to it, and is generally a very constant person. He knows how to hold his ground. He never wavers. People who don’t know him may think him weak and easily managed, because he is so quiet and modest, but this is far from true. He can take a lot of punishment for an idea or a cause he believes in. For Cancer, right is right. In order to protect himself, the person born under this sign will sometimes put up a pose as someone bossy and domineering. Sometimes he is successful in fooling others with his brash front. People who have known him for a while, however, are seldom taken in.
Many people born under this sign of the Crab are shy and seemingly lacking in confidence. They know their own minds, though, even if they do not seem to. He responds to kindness and encouragement. He will be himself with people he trusts. A good person can bring out the best in the Crab. Disagreeable or unfeeling people can send him scurrying back into his shell. He is a person who does not appreciate sharp criticism. Some Crabs are worriers. They are very concerned about what others may think of them. This may bother them so much that they develop a deep feeling of inferiority. Sometimes this reaches the point where he is so unsure of himself in some matters that he allows himself to be influenced by someone who has a stronger personality. Also, some Crabs may be afraid that people will talk behind his back if he doesn’t comply with their wishes. However, this does not stop him from doing what he feels is right. The cultivated Cancer learns to think for himself and has no fear of disapproval.
The Cancer man or woman is most himself at home. The person born under this sign is a real lover of domesticity. He likes a place where he can relax and feel properly sheltered. Cancers like things to stay as they are; they are not fond of changes of any sort. They are not very adaptable people. When visiting others or going to unfamiliar places, they are not likely to feel very comfortable. They are not the most talkative people at a party. In the comfort of their own homes, however, they blossom and bloom.
The Cancer man or woman sticks by the rules, whatever the game. He is not a person who would ever think of going against an established grain. He is conventional and moderate in almost all things. In a way he likes the old-fashioned things. However, in spite of this, he is interested in new things and does what he can to keep up with the times. In a way, he has two sides to his character. He is seldom forgetful. He has a memory like an elephant and can pick out any detail from the past with no trouble at all. He often reflects on things that have happened. He prefers the past to the future, which sometimes fills him with a feeling of apprehension.
This fourth sign of the Zodiac is a motherly one. Even the Cancer man has something maternal about him. He is usually kind and considerate, ready to help and protect. Others are drawn to Cancer because of these gentle qualities. People in trouble often turn to him for advice and sympathy. People find him easy to confide in.
The Cancer person in general is very forgiving. He almost never holds a grudge. Still, it would not be wise to anger him. Treat him fairly and he will treat you the same. He does not appreciate people who lose patience with him. Cancer is usually proud of his mind and does not like to be considered unintelligent. Even if others feel that he is somewhat slow in some areas, he would rather not have this opinion expressed in his presence. He’s not a person to be played with; he can tell when someone is treating him like a fool.
Quite often people born under this sign are musically inclined. Some of them have a deep interest in religious matters. They are apt to be interested in mystical matters, as well. Although they are fascinated by these things, they may be somewhat afraid of being overwhelmed if they go into them too deeply. In spite of this feeling of apprehension, Moon Children try to satisfy their curiosity in these matters.