Virgo born on September 9

Planet: Mercury

As born on September 9 you are an enthusiastic and friendly person and a superb raconteur, which makes you immensely popular.

You are a free spirit and will explore many religions and cultures in your quest for truth.

You have a vivid imagination and are gifted at improvization and sharp, comic one-liners.

You are the eternal optimist and this quality, combined with a practical realism, ensures your ventures are successful.

When under stress you can lack empathy and become quite snappy.

In relationships you are an idealist and put your partner on a pedestal, although of course they are only human so you can end up disappointed.

Recognizing that people aren’t perfect will be a useful life lesson for you.

You would love to go up in a hot air balloon as views inspire you, and the experience will help you to keep things in perspective.