Virgo born on September 5

Planet: Mercury

You are a shy and obliging person who has an innate quality that radiates warmth.

As born on September 5 you are very talented, take your work seriously and have exceptionally high standards.

You seem to know that you are privileged to be able to share your skills for the benefit of others, and at times this may come across as being elitist.

You have a good sense of your own worth, but when you’re not out in the world, you’re less confident than you appear.

In relationships you are passionate yet modest.

You adore your lover yet also need a lot of affection and hugs to feel loved.

If you haven’t had enough attention you have a tendency to be rather self-indulgent and childish.

Playing a sport where you excel you will get the praise you desire but you also need to learn the importance of losing graciously.