Virgo born on September 4

Planet: Mercury

As born on September 4 you are a warm, tender and approachable person.

You are quiet and not at all showy and people may not realize just how generous you are.

You are conscientious and take care over the smallest details but can be pedantic and finicky.

However, at times you can get muddled which is endearingly human.

You like to offer help in a practical way and are incredibly supportive of your friends and family.

You listen to what people say and this would make you a great therapist or counsellor.

In relationships you are loyal and fuss over your loved ones.

You appear, on the outside, to be self-sufficient, however, you are easily wounded if overlooked.

At times you get moody and need your own space and time to recover.

A stretching exercise such as yoga may get you back into emotional equilibrium.