Libra born on September 30

Planet: Venus

As born on September 30 you are a lively and intelligent person with a bright and breezy manner.

You are ever-youthful and have a childlike innocence.

Immensely curious, you are always asking questions, so you would be a natural journalist or writer.

With a friendly style, you are skilled at putting people at their ease so they open up to you.

Being an interviewer could be a rewarding profession.

In relationships you get bored easily, always moving on to pastures new.

Some say that you skim the surface and are afraid to go deep into your feelings, however, your significant other is very important to you, so slowing down to reflect on your emotional world helps you enormously.

You are so easily distracted that giving your lover your undivided attention by turning off your gadgets, means more than words can say.