Virgo born on September 3

Planet: Mercury

As born on September 3 you are a spontaneous and playful person who is highly adaptable.

You can be serious and are dedicated to your work, but the genial, friendly side of you is always there.

You’re a great organizer and conscientious about your job, yet you always find time to play.

You are very funny and can easily make people laugh with your imitations.

Playing word games and dry intellectual debates interest you equally.

You are could become skilled or even professional at many sports as you have good eye and hand coordination.

Partly because of your skill, you can appear aloof and snobby to some, but in time they realize this is not the case.

In love you are attracted to a younger person – or certainly someone who is young at heart.

You lighten up with games such as Scrabble™ and remember to also allocate time for peace and quiet or you’ll burn out.