Libra born on September 28

Planet: Venus

As born on September 28 you are a courteous and tactful person who is worldly-wise.

Purposeful and ambitious, you can cultivate influential people to help you succeed.

You enjoy being part of a team, have great organizational skills and make a superb manager.

People respect your leadership and natural writerity.

You have impeccable taste and extremely high standards, which are exemplified by the designer-label clothes you wear.

However, you can also have impossible expectations of people and need to learn to be more tolerant.

To some you can appear snobbish, to others you are a steadfast friend.

In your intimate relationships you need to be able to respect your partner and to feel adored.

Physical affection is vitally important for you to open up your heart to another.

Aromatherapy massage is a wonderful way for you to feel total relaxation.