Libra born on September 26

Planet: Venus

As born on September 26 you are a suave and magnetic person with great allure and mysticism.

You can be mesmerizing to watch as you move with sensuality and grace.

You have a combination of a sharp intellect and emotional strength, you are both charming and debonair so are popular with many people.

Money and power are very attractive to you and a career in business or politics is likely.

Show business is also appealing as you can handle the adulation and fame.

With your courage and tenacity you can get to the very top of your profession.

You are renowned for your willpower and can be a formidable enemy.

If thwarted you can manipulate to get what you want.

Your intimate relationships are intense and stormy as you relish drama.

The opera or heavy rock music are your kind of relaxation because you love the passion in them.