Libra born on September 24

Planet: Venus

You are a self-sufficient and practical person with an artistic eye.

Highly civilized, you are rational, articulate and graceful.

You make a superb craftsperson as you have both artistic and technical skills.

An attentive listener, you are a great manager as you are genuinely interested in serving people and would be well suited to the retail or restaurant trades.

Your weakness is being finicky and over-analysing people and situations.

However, when you let your hair down you have a whacky sense of humour.

In a relationship you are an affectionate and devoted partner.

As born on September 24 you need to be able to share the same interests.

You delight in domestic life and find joy in keeping the household running smoothly.

Relaxing in a playful manner will balance you, so children’s games are perfect.