Virgo born on September 23

Planet: Mercury

You are a radiant and magnetic person with a charismatic presence.

As born on September 23 you are light-hearted and playful; a gregarious party person who is fond of practical jokes.

Immensely popular for your ability to have fun and see the comedy in every situation, you have many friends and are well-connected.

You are artistic and have excellent taste.

A career in the theatre as a director or costume designer would appeal to you.

Your extravagance is a weakness and you have a penchant for anything shiny and expensive.

Romance is your reason for living, and being in love brings out the best in you.

However, as a result you find it difficult to commit to one partner as you want your love life to be one long honeymoon.

Attending seminars on relationships would be an excellent way to help you understand the real art of love.