Virgo born on September 21

Planet: Mercury

You are an articulate and highly sociable person, the proverbial butterfly.

You play a lot and believe that life is fun.

As born on September 21 you have an exceptional mind and are able to grasp details and analyse facts.

However you can be too intellectual and risk making the subject at hand as dry as dust.

You are a wordsmith so a career as a songwriter or linguist would be right up your street.

You need to keep your nimble hands busy, so a hobby such as knitting or macramé is ideal.

Computers were made for you and typing is an essential skill in your repertoire.

In relationships you are restless and your social calendar is usually full well in advance.

Your partner needs to balance you and should be clever or you will get bored.

A spontaneous style of dancing is perfect for you to loosen up.