Virgo born on September 2

Planet: Mercury

You are a passionate and artistic person who is highly practical and down-to-earth.

You make a very loyal and reliable friend and keep your word.

You are kind-hearted and have a great affinity with nature and the land.

As born on September 2 you are also skilled with your hands and enjoy giving massage.

You would make an excellent carpenter or jeweller as you appreciate beautiful, well-designed things.

In relationships you adore being touched and show your affection physically – you need your partner to respond or you can feel unloved.

You have a tendency to be a stickler for routines, so now and again need to lighten up with a bit of chaotic mess – if you have children they will help you!

Face or body painting would be great fun for you and a good old-fashioned pillow fight would also do the trick!