Virgo born on September 16

Planet: Mercury

You are a kind-hearted and honest person who enjoys the good things in life.

You have excellent powers of observation and can sense when anything is out of place.

As born on September 16 you think and listen carefully, assessing all the options before making a move.

Your consideration for others and reasonable nature make you easy to be around.

A career in the diplomatic service would suit you as you are a good arbitrator.

You are critical but able to be honest about your fallibility and can laugh at yourself – which is an invaluable quality.

In relationships you spend a lot of time talking and discussing the affairs of the day, but you can hide behind a veneer of niceness, so others don’t really know who you are.

You can get caught up with your appearance and what people think about you, so getting dirty and messy would do you the world of good once in a while.