Virgo born on September 14

Planet: Mercury

You are a kind-hearted and deeply honourable person who has a powerful intellect and is highly articulate.

You are skilled at choosing the right words to say, and most importantly, you say them at the right time.

As born on September 14 you can appear to others to be quiet and unassuming but on the inside you have a courageous, proud and fiery nature.

There are two sides to you – the sensible adult and the irrepressible child.

Combining them is quite a challenge but a career in acting would suit you, or a leadership role in the nursing profession.

On a bad day you are prone to wallowing in self-pity and dwelling on what other people think of you.

In relationships you need a partner who allows you to lead yet also showers you with affection and treats you to indulgent presents.

You needn’t feel guilty if you are a little vain at times.