Virgo born on September 12

Planet: Mercury

As Virgo born on September 12 you are an inspired and compassionate person with the ability to express poetry from your soul.

You could be a gifted songwriter or artist.

You have great wisdom and healing ability as you truly understand people’s concerns and hidden needs.

You would be an ideal counsellor or therapist, as you are happy working with just one person at a time.

You are intuitive and respond to people emotionally rather than reacting impulsively.

You are naturally shy and introverted and when under pressure you can get nervous and anxious.

You are highly sensitive to atmosphere and are easily hurt by a sharp comment.

You need a tender and gentle lover – someone who is a soulmate and a confidant and listens to your musings.

Lying in a floatation tank would be a wonderful way for you to reconnect with the tranquillity of the womb.