Virgo born on September 1

Planet: Mercury

You are a no-nonsense, self-motivated person who is immensely practical.

As born on September 1 you have an exuberant approach to life and are always busy.

You are best suited to working on your own as your pace is fast and you have a strong sense of direction.

You get on and do things and dislike hanging around for others as you feel like you are wasting precious time.

Your temperament is fiery, so you need to be active in your daily life and your work is your number one priority.

Your greatest asset is your zany sense of humour and you are known as a practical joker, however, you can lack refinement and be blunt with your style of delivery.

In relationships you need a partner who is able to accept your busy life and share your hobbies.

Hot saunas would help you detox, unwind and force you to slow down.