Libra born on October 8

Planet: Venus

As born on October 8 you are an astute and self-possessed person with good instincts.

You can weigh people up and are an excellent judge of character and situations.

Although you promote peace and harmony you are not afraid of conflict and can provoke a fight as you enjoy the intense emotions involved.

Debating is one of your skills and you will gladly support the underdog.

Politics is a natural arena for your talents, as is the law – you are incredibly effective as your enthusiasm and positive approach disarms any opposition.

In your personal relationships you need depth – a light-hearted affair will bore you.

Once committed, you can develop into a faithful and passionate lover, as long as your partner retains an air of mystery.

Your weakness is that you can be insecure and suspicious.

You need to express your raw emotions so martial arts appeal.