Libra born on October 7

Planet: Venus

As born on October 7 you are an idealistic and refined person with a courteous and graceful manner.

A born diplomat, your ability to put people at ease works well for you whatever career you follow.

You are concerned with fairness and justice for all and are impartial and rational; so careers as a judge, lawyer or negotiator are all suitable.

A lover of peace, you are also more than happy to fight for what you believe in and can be disarmingly outspoken.

However, you express yourself with such impish charm that most people warm to you.

Narcissism can be a problem as you are overly concerned with your appearance and are always stylish.

Relationships are vital as you feel incomplete without a partner.

You adore romance and a sport which is glamorous that involves your partner – such as skiing – is ideal for you.