Libra born on October 6

Planet: Venus

As born on October 6 you are an articulate and peace-loving person with fine reasoning abilities.

You have a love of justice and are concerned with what people think.

A natural advocate and campaigner, you are charming and diplomatic in what you say, nevertheless you can put your point across powerfully.

You enjoy opening people’s minds to new concepts, are patient and thorough, so make an excellent teacher.

With your quick mind and cleverness you can appear to some to be aloof and cool.

In your personal relationships you are faithful, devoted and enjoy the daily routines of family life.

A problem of yours is that you can’t bear mess, so can be obsessed with tidiness and cleanliness.

You enjoy taking care of others and also need to be pampered.

A day at a spa or on the golf course with a close friend would restore your equilibrium.