Scorpio born on October 31

Planet: Pluto

As born on October 31 you are a sensitive and impressionable person with a deep nostalgia for the past.

Home and family are a central part of your life and you tend to be patriotic regarding your chosen country of residence.

You seek success in life – you need to have a purpose and your choice of career is vitally important.

Your concern for others propels you to help create change in people’s lives, often through politics or working for a charity.

In your personal life, once committed you give yourself totally.

You are sensual and affectionate so your relationship needs to be deeply fulfilling.

Your greatest desire is to be with someone who offers you the emotional security you crave and understands the depth of your feelings.

You are an introspective person and can easily sink into a dark mood, but watching a romantic comedy will lighten you up.