Libra born on October 3

Planet: Venus

As born on October 3 you are a sophisticated and engaging person with a lively wit.

A gifted raconteur, you can charm almost everyone, but you can also be provocative and have a mischievous side to you.

In a debate you love to take the opposite side just to stir things up.

You manage to wriggle out of awkward situations through quick thinking and humour.

The communications industry would be a good field for you, whether as a copywriter in advertising, or as a gossip columnist for a glossy magazine.

At times you can be overly flippant and come across as emotionally immature.

In relationships you need to keep it light and you can spend a long time playing the field before you settle down.

Insomnia can be a problem as you are so mentally active – yoga in the evening and avoiding caffeine can help.