Scorpio born on October 28

Planet: Pluto

As born on October 28 you are a focussed and determined person who believes work is of utmost importance.

You know about the importance of goals and are willing to undergo lengthy training to improve your skills.

You are tough and have true grit – nothing fazes you.

You have extraordinary self-discipline and understand and obey the rules of society.

You can expect too much from others and judge them if they don’t come up to your high standards.

With your strong convictions, the realm of politics is well suited to you, as is the law.

You have an earnest and sombre outlook yet have a gift for satire and a dry wit.

In love you tend to play hard-to-get, which is very alluring to the opposite sex.

You tend to overwork so being frivolous, singing and playing music brings the balance your require for contentment.