Scorpio born on October 27

Planet: Pluto

As born on October 27 you are a passionate and outspoken person who needs a mission in life.

Once found, your vision propels you forward and your commitment is strong.

You are a philosopher, someone who adores discussing the meaning of life.

Nothing shocks you and your natural optimism and good humour buoys others up in the face of trouble.

You are a born psychologist and can develop into being an excellent teacher of your peers.

You love travel and absorbing different cultures and could easily live abroad.

You can be fanatical about your beliefs and tend to get on your soap box and alienate others – even without meaning to.

That said, you are also very persuasive! Emotionally intense, your relationship is your bedrock, but you also need a lot of freedom.

A night out at the theatre transports you into the fantasy world you yearn for.