Scorpio born on October 26

Planet: Pluto

As born on October 26 you are a dynamic and powerful person with strong convictions.

You are self-possessed and confident, with a formidable determination to succeed.

In your life you have been tested and can face situations that others shrink from.

You will gladly fight on behalf of the underdog and make a resolute campaigner on social issues.

You have entrenched opinions on most subjects and can be incredibly stubborn.

Committed to your purpose from a young age, your focus is on analysing and investigating any subject in depth.

Superficiality annoys you immensely and you cannot tolerate fools.

Your relationships are intense and you are fiercely loyal.

Once committed, you are unshakeable and rarely give up on your partner.

Shiatsu, deep tissue massage or acupressure would be highly beneficial as you hold a lot of tension in your body.