Libra born on October 20

Planet: Venus

As born on October 20 you are a likeable, attractive person who is very charming and easy-going, however, you do have a gullible side.

You are a connoisseur of food, music and art and a sought-after member of many a social circle.

People adore being in your company and want to please you.

You need to live in a harmonious and beautiful environment, so a career in interior design is very appealing.

You are sensitive to what people want and can interpret their ideas with flair and style.

In your intimate relationships you are a wonderfully attentive lover and once committed, you are faithful.

You can be too passive and if pushed too far will become stubborn to show your displeasure.

Being out and about in nature is deeply relaxing and a sport – like golf – with its great social life has immense appeal for you.