Libra born on October 2

Planet: Venus

As born on October 2 you are a charming and delightful person with a great sense of style.

Very classy and with aesthetically good taste, you are one of the beautiful set.

A lover of beauty and art, you are a creative and naturally drawn to work in the fashion or music business.

You also possess good business acumen and can handle large amounts of money with ease.

Relationships are essential for you and you are a keen lover.

The problem is that you are extremely flirtatious and even if you do not mean anything by it, people are very attracted to you as you can make them feel special.

You can also be tempted by a hedonistic lifestyle, which can cause your partner to be jealous.

As a tactile and sensual person an aromatherapy massage is what you need, and what you can give to demonstrate your love.