Libra born on October 17

Planet: Venus

As born on October 17 you are a hypnotic and sensual person with a powerful intellect.

You love the good life and have an appetite for comfort and luxury.

Your career has to challenge you and stimulate your strong intellect.

Acting and the music business both fit this description.

You are frank and honest in your dealings and can spot hypocrisy in people.

You like to be in a position of power and cannot bear to take second place.

You revel in deep emotions so need a relationship to fulfil your high standards and keep you intrigued.

You can, however, be very moody and jealous, and need a lot of physical affection to feel loved.

If your partner takes you for granted you are capable of having an affair just to get their attention.

Deep tissue massage is excellent for soothing your body and easing your mind.