Libra born on October 16

Planet: Venus

As born on October 16 you are an elegant and cultured person who is charm personified.

You have a strong sense of chivalry and are incredibly romantic.

People see you as their knight in shining armour – whatever your sex.

You will wage war on what you view as injustices and yet you are a lover of peace.

Artistically gifted, you are a musician, artist, writer or actor – or maybe all of these.

You abhor crudeness and vulgarity and your surroundings are harmonious and tasteful.

Your worst trait is your indecisiveness and tendency to change your stance which can be very frustrating for others.

You discover yourself through your intimate relationships, so your choice of partner is crucial.

Once committed you are a gem of a lover.

A competitive sport which involves your lover such as mixed doubles would be a wonderful way to add spark to your love life!