Libra born on October 11

Planet: Venus

As born on October 11 you are a creative thinker with innovative ideas and a gift of clarity to disseminate them.

Your diplomatic skills, combined with a social conscience and a desire to be truly helpful to your fellow man, would make you a gifted reformer or politician.

Plus your persuasive logic and impartiality are assets for a brilliant negotiator.

At times you can be impractical and live in your head, dreaming your life away.

Your love life can be up and down as you yearn for the ideal relationship.

You hold a vision of utopia and can feel extreme discomfort in dealing with deep emotions such as hate and jealousy.

A good friendship can compensate for lack of intimacy and is a priority with your lover.

You would come into your own at a debating society and a cocktail party gives you a buzz.