Libra born on October 1

Planet: Venus

As born on October 1 you are are a convivial and lively person with a restless spirit who needs to experience new things on a regular basis.

With high energy levels and plenty of drive and courage, you love taking the initiative and leading people.

Your mind races ahead and you will try anything new.

A natural champion of the underdog, you have a persuasive and direct style of talking which is hard to resist.

As such you are a skilled negotiator and would flourish as a diplomat.

You are more sensitive than you appear and react badly to criticism, which can throw you off course.

At times you make rash judgements.

Love is what you live for, and all the rituals of courtship thrill you.

However, you bore easily when the passion cools and will start a fight just to liven things up.

Competitive sport is essential for you to let off steam.