Scorpio born on November 7

Planet: Pluto

You are an idealist, a graceful and intelligent person with both eloquence and charm.

Well suited to the world of commerce, you have excellent negotiation skills and love creating peace and harmony.

With an innate sense of fair play, injustice stirs you up to protest.

As born on November 7 you can be tough, and people can underestimate just how forceful you can be.

You would do well in politics and management.

If you feel insecure, you can be manipulative to get your own way.

You need a close relationship to feel fulfilled and you are a passionate and romantic partner.

You talk for hours on end with your beloved.

However, if you compromise too much, you will end up fighting.

Practising some form of martial arts or taking up fencing will benefit you immensely in releasing the aggression that you keep hidden.