Scorpio born on November 5

Planet: Pluto

As born on November 5 you are an outrageous person with an enormous amount of magnetism.

You succeed where others may fail as you have a determination that never gives up.

Your need is for recognition, to be someone, and you will do anything to achieve that.

However, once you are well known you can complain about the lack of privacy.

You can end up wearing dark glasses in the depths of winter in order to hide and your car could end up having tinted windows!

You are a superb business person who is attracted to working in the glamorous world of the media.

A born romantic you are an ardent lover and need a secure relationship to express your deepest emotions.

As long as you are in charge all is well.

You love to dress up for an occasion so a going to the theatre or opera – especially if you sit in a box – is perfect.