Scorpio born on November 4

Planet: Pluto

You are a power-house of emotion, a person driven to explore the depths of the human condition and experience.

You can swing from highs to extreme lows and sulk for weeks.

As born on November 4 you have an instinct for survival and can endure great emotional and physical pain.

Your deep perceptiveness concerning other people, allied with your great intellect, would make you a superb psychologist or doctor.

However if stressed your strong feelings can take over and compel you to make irrational and overly subjective decisions.

Early in life you learn to be self-sufficient and keep many emotions hidden from public view.

If extremely provoked, you can explode into volcanic rage.

Passion is your middle name so a relationship is essential.

Choose wisely, as they need to receive, and give you, strong emotional support.