Scorpio born on November 3

Planet: Pluto

You are a quick-witted and cheerful person who is a social butterfly.

You can be devastatingly witty and your humour verges on the absurd.

This ability is brilliant for a career as a stand-up comic or a comedy scriptwriter.

As born on November 3 you are always ready with a joke, but this can be your way of avoiding deeper emotions, batting questions away with a witty response rather than letting people see your weaknesses.

At times you are overly flippant and the odd comment can catch people off guard.

You are passionate with an urge to explore the secrets of how the universe works, and studying astronomy and astrology would fulfil you.

In love you can blow hot or cold and you like to keep your options open.

Fancy dress is a wonderful way for you to unwind and to explore your own varied personality.