Sagittarius born on November 27

Planet: Jupiter

As born on November 27 you are a flamboyant and joyful person with a huge love of people.

Naturally gregarious, you are often to be found at the centre of the group entertaining everyone with your jokes and wise-cracks.

You are talkative and can chat for hours, pontificating on your favourite subjects.

Extremely honest and with a commitment to truth, you would make an excellent evangelical preacher.

Constantly seeking knowledge, you never stop educating yourself and will travel to far-flung places for the sheer adventure of it.

Your restless nature, however, can make you sloppy and careless.

Your relationship needs to be fun and the person who makes you laugh is the one you will stay with.

However, you will leave if you feel your partner is holding you back.

Horse-riding is the ideal recreation for you and gives you the connection with nature you need.