Sagittarius born on November 26

Planet: Jupiter

As born on November 26 you are an irresistible and fascinating person with a thirst for all that life has to offer.

You are on a constant search for knowledge, to look below the surface and explore the highs and depths of human emotions.

You are always seeking challenges and love to be stretched to test your capabilities.

This can make you an extremist and rather volatile and unpredictable.

You pick up the atmosphere as soon as you walk in a room and no one can fool you; qualities of a brilliant detective.

Although you live life on the edge, you yearn for the security a loving relationship can give you.

Once committed you are a loyal and passionate partner.

You can find it had to relax as you need a lot of mental and emotional stimulation.

The funfair with all its thrilling and spectacular rides was designed just for you.