Sagittarius born on November 25

Planet: Jupiter

As born on November 25 you are a fun-loving and optimistic person who loves everything about life.

You just adore people, and watching the world go by is your favourite occupation.

You are a social animal, so need work that gives you a lot of room to move around during your day.

You make a fantastic PR- or sales-person and as a born networker you have a wide circle of friends.

As a result of this you hear of business opportunities and are prepared to take risks.

You can be very lucky and this can result in some envy from others.

Your romantic relationship is seen as a grand adventure and you need drama and passion.

You have a knack in finding the right treat that uplifts your partner when they are down.

Visiting the opera or an outdoor concert, preferably in a foreign city, suits your theatrical style.