Sagittarius born on November 24

Planet: Jupiter

You are a kind-hearted, warm and helpful person who has a gift of persuasion with clear, well-considered arguments.

Your sense of humour borders on the outrageous, which delights and entertains others.

As born on November 24 you are a keen observer of the human condition, with the invaluable ability to laugh at yourself.

When insecure your wit can have a sarcastic edge and you become highly critical and pedantic.

With a sharp, enquiring mind, you have enormous talent as an educator and teacher.

Talking and discussing ideas is vitally important for you, and your romantic liaisons need to meet your elevated criteria.

You need space to roam as you are a lover of adventure and freedom.

Escaping on your motorbike or getting on a plane to somewhere wild is exhilarating and keeps you young.