Sagittarius born on November 23

Planet: Jupiter

As born on November 23 you are a positive thinker with a contagious enthusiasm for life.

Extravagant with money, you enjoy gambling as you love to win and take risks.

There is an innocence about you, and at times you can be quite childlike, even naïve.

You live in the future and have an extraordinary intuitive ability to foresee trends.

As an actor/producer/director in film or television you would be superb.

Gregarious and full of bonhomie, you love parties and adore being the host as you love to show off, so the more grandiose and glamorous the event, the better.

The lifestyle of a king or queen is what you aim for. You thrive on passion and all the drama and thrills of romance.

Though frequently hurt in love, you bounce right back. Performing solo to an adoring crowd, is your idea of bliss.

Strengths: Positive thinker, intuitive.

Weaknesses: Show-off, at times naive.