Scorpio born on November 22

Planet: Pluto

As born on November 22ou are an imaginative and sincere person with a strong sense of self.

Emotionally resilient and compassionate, you can be very protective.

You fiercely care for and mother people, especially children and the underprivileged.

This draws you into the caring professions where you can rise to a top managerial position.

As born on November 22 you are not intimidated by people, whatever their status, and quite enjoy a fight as you revel in deep emotions.

A position of power suits you as others feel they can lean and depend on you.

Your relationships are complex – you are loyal and steadfast, but you can also be demanding and clingy.

Family life can be richly rewarding as you long to recreate the perfect childhood.

Bach flower remedies are ideally suited to you when you become stressed and over-emotional.

Strengths: Wholehearted, nurturing.

Weaknesses: Emotionally dependent, possessive.