Scorpio born on November 21

Planet: Pluto

You are a mystery, a person who at first can appear light-hearted and flirtatious, yet are also as deep and unfathomable as the ocean.

You have a powerful imagination and are highly creative.

You have an active and busy mind, always learning something new and you excel at being an educator.

You are always on the phone connecting with your wide network and love passing on information – the role of the gossip columnist fits you like a glove!

In love, as born on November 21, you tend to have several affairs going at once, yet somehow you can get away with it due to your inordinate charm.

If married, you need an easy going and practical partner who can inspire you and not worry about never fully understanding you.

You are the eternal student – so someone whom you respect and takes the role of teacher – is your best alliance.