Scorpio born on November 19

Planet: Pluto

You are a tenacious and committed person.

You have a dark brooding intensity which makes you stand out from the crowd.

With your fine rational intellect and thoughtful attitude, you have been seen as an old soul since your youth.

As born on November 19 you are most happy when you are working hard and you constantly set yourself new challenges.

You fit well into society’s hierarchy and your aim is to win and get to the top.

Your weakness is a tendency for cynicism and evaluating everything on the physical level.

You treat your love life as a project and you take time before you give yourself wholeheartedly.

You tend to worry and get weighed down with responsibilities.

Humour is your biggest asset and this gives you a much needed release for your energy.

Playing practical jokes on your unsuspecting friends brings childlike joy.