Scorpio born on November 18

Planet: Pluto

You are a crusader, a person with an investigative mind.

You are a fervent supporter of any cause you believe in.

You can be restless in your search for the ultimate truth.

You study many subjects – astronomy, psychology, philosophy and theology but until you find a spiritual path you can feel unfulfilled.

As born on November 18 you tend to rush forward without proper planning and can get careless and metaphorically tread on peoples toes.

You adore sports that challenge and stretch you physically and emotionally.

You have a passion for the theatre and make a great impresario or backer for a musical.

Your lover is also your companion with your partner following your lead.

Later in your life romance matters less to you than a spiritual connection.

Opera helps you transcend daily life and is the ideal way for you to elevate any bad mood.