Scorpio born on November 17

Planet: Pluto

You are an enigma, someone that only a few really know, but all respect.

You can be very secretive and suspicious.

However, you are to be saluted as you have endured many struggles in your life and come through shining.

Your heart is strong and you have developed enormous faith and optimism.

Exploring the dark side of life fascinates you, and you revel in horror or occult stories.

As born on November 17 you have a keen intelligence and make astute judgments on situations and people.

Nothing gets past your eagle eyes.

Medical research, detective work and forensics all suit you.

Emotionally you have strong desires and need for intimacy, so thrive in a committed relationship.

Your partner needs to be someone you respect and your true equal.

You need an active game such as squash where you let your emotions out.