Scorpio born on November 14

Planet: Pluto

As born on November 14 you are a golden person with innate glamour and bewitching charm.

You also have a penchant for investigating the darker aspects of life.

With a strong appetite for sex, money and power you find it difficult to compromise.

When pushed you stand up for what you believe in, even if it is the unpopular choice.

This propels you towards centre stage, a place of leadership where you belong, and yet there is reluctance, as you fear being so exposed.

You are incredibly hard-working and give yourself whole heartedly to any project you believe in.

You can be a snob and intolerant of those who disagree with your deeply-held principles.

Your partner needs to look good by your side, yet not to steal the spotlight from you.

Ease off work and leave time for play and having fun.