Scorpio born on November 13

Planet: Pluto

You are a charismatic and intense person with deep emotions.

Due to your sensitive and perceptive nature, you have the ability to tap into the mood of the people and deliver what they want.

This can be through your creative gifts as a writer, actor or healer.

As born on November 13 you are very ambitious and want to make your mark on the world – from a very young age.

You have a shrewd and canny mind and do well in business, especially in the stock market, as you have finely honed intuition.

Relationships can be an emotional roller coaster, so you need a grounded partner who isn’t easily put off by your volatile moods.

However, negative emotions can take over and you can sink into the depths of self-pity.

Homeopathy would be worth exploring as a way of healing and restoring emotional balance.